Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stars and Frozen Stardust

Sitting quietly in the company of my boro piece.....
A star tapped me on the shoulder and asked to be included.
So stitching started on a small star.
As I laid down row upon row of satin stitch....
with another tap on the shoulder the star said 'weave me'!
Why hadn't I thought of that earlier?

It was so obvious....
woven cloth had played an important role in the basic make-up of the piece.

I see the hint of a moon looking on.

We woke to find frozen stardust crystals had been sprinkled all over our world.
They sparkled in the morning sun.

Quite amazing, haven't seen anything like that before.
It was as if the gods had spent the night
standing over us scraping away at a block of ice.

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  1. Penny, your photos are all lovely today, but I am especially enthralled by the woven star. Awesome! ~Suzanne

  2. beautiful, penny! not only the amazing snow-crystal photos, but your wondrous shoulder tapping star! i love needle-weaving and often forget i even know how. funny how things you've done for so long are taken for granted and forgotten until some creative soul taps you on the shoulder with a star and reminds you of what you have misplaced in memory!

  3. Just love your star! I can see how it started taping you on the shoulder.

  4. gawdz i love anything you do in stitch

  5. How extraordinary - both your weaving stitched star in it's universe and the ice crystal blanket!

  6. Another feast for the textural eye Penny! Gilly

  7. Stars inside and stars outside - what a lucky girl you are!

  8. I LIKE that star, with its generous arms at 2 and 8 o´clock, and the little moon to be kindly smiling down on it... + thanks very much for your friendly words in your last comment...!!

  9. always enjoy your stitching.....

  10. The star is gorgeous! So are the ice crystals! I love the stitch weaving.....

  11. woven stitches, glorious....

  12. That star is a very smart little star!


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