Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Did Someone Say Spring Had Arrived?

I came here, to Mickey Hill that is, hoping for signs of Spring.
Instead I found evidence of Old Man Winter's reluctance to move on.

He has even nestled in hollow tree stumps attempting to hide from the sun's warmth.

Winter has ravaged the woodlands this time around.

As we walk through the woods the rusty pups are very busy scenting every nook and cranny, 
catching up on the local wildlife gossip. 
We reach the lake. 
To my surprise it's still frozen solid.
But around the edges, the ice is loosing it's grip on the land.

At any moment now the rusty pups will start a game of tag. 
This involves running at breakneck speed along the beach
Tearing around rocks
and crashing through the undergrowth between trees.
If it was warmer they would then collapse in the cool waters of the lake.


  1. Nice pictures. Even with snow, its good to be in the fresh air. Remember, one month from today the ice will be gone!

    Happy Spring.

  2. Keeping that in mind is what keeps me sane at this time of year!

  3. i just had another look at a closeup of your pups, and yep, that's what i saw here in Bathurst on Saturday.
    Wonderful looking snow, reminds me of parts of Tasmania where the snow lingers on well after it should have disappeared.

  4. Oh, brrr! I wish I could send you lots of sunshine and warmth but its cold and dreary here in North Carolina today.

  5. Today was warmish, sunny and beautiful, (so they say because I was inside all day teaching..) tomorrow night we're expecting 6-12 inches of snow. Its just that way, isn;'t it, the slow ebb and flow into spring!

  6. Such beautiful photos - thanks for sharing your journey and love your description of the rusty pups' antics!

  7. We're expecting that same snow Valeriana is waiting for. It should be here Saturday!

  8. a little snow expected here as well for tomorrow.

  9. I was just outside and there are snowflakes in the air again. I'm SO ready for spring!


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