Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wrapped for the Winter

On our woodland walk the pups and I came across a fallen silver birch and hauled it home to wrap. It is now wedged in the old apple tree for the winter. As I tore up my grandmother's sheet and wrapped it around trees, I wondered what she would think. I feel she she would think me pretty strange and wasteful as well. She was a teacher of home economics and would not only patch her sheets but also cut them down the middle and resew the outer edges back together in order to get a few more years wear out of them.

A wrapped hemlock deep in the woods. The snow is usually deep back there.

And finally a wrapped maple.

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  1. Grandma will be happy when you tear up those eco coloured strips in 6 months and make a lovely quilt out of them. k.

  2. oh penny you brought a smile to my face..I remembered my home economics teacher who always gave me bad grades because I had ink on my fingers and refused to try and sew straight lines. didn't touch a needle for years, decades! I've been wondering too what she would say if she saw me now

  3. Your grandmother sounds like my mother. Turning cuffs and collars inside out.

  4. My mother used to do that to her sheets too, plus she always stitched an additional piece onto the bottom of every sheet so there was more to tuck in. She hated having to remake a bed.

  5. Hey Penny- these look great and I think I will join you. Gilly


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