Monday, 30 July 2018

Summertime Drive Through Eastern Canada

We relaxed on the ferry....

to cross a fogbound Bay of Fundy

We shared the ferry trip with Judy and Ned
Judy and I stitched and debriefed
on our Cloth of Time show
and planned our next.
Precious time with a dear friend who lives way too far away!
Then we parted ways until the next time.

Everywhere you go in this part
of the country.... know there are lakes at every turn.
Even travelling on forest edged road
you know a lake is out of sight hiding behind the trees.

Once you hit the flat St Laurence valley
you pass farm after farm
and clusters of silos waiting for this year's harvest.

I Stitched

We shared the road 

with trucks and trucks and more trucks
With bikes and campers
With boats and kayaks
 With canoes and paddle boards

Driving through Algonquin
a tall imposing
totem pole
appeared on our right.

Summertime in Canada
means plenty of this.

We drove under bridges and under rivers.

And I stitched.

 Finally after two days of driving
we reached our destination.


  1. How stitch marks time ...

  2. from the time i was a girl of 10 or so we went north to lake country where i learned to love the real woods and lakes. i still think that maritime canada isn't so far away...too far for me to zip over to your show.

  3. Two days of driving? Yikes!

    Still, happy days stitching...

  4. To be a bee on the wall while you and Judy both stitch.

    under bridges and under rivers.

    i can picture it under needle and thread.

  5. Good to travel with you my friend!


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