Monday, 31 July 2017

The Sun Sets on Seven Months of Stones

It is hard to believe seven months of stone stitching
 has already gone by.
Three months are stitched together
and piles of another four months worth of stones
is waiting in the wings to be assembled.
Surely it is time.
Must get down to that job.

 Softly brown
Could this one be sandstone I wonder?

Hints of pink
My new favourite colour!

Some rocks can be flat as a pancake, almost.

Broken in half perhaps.

Simple black beauty.


Smoothly pale

It has been a breezy sunshiny day
and as I prepared to photograph on the deck
noticed how beautiful the stones were
with the sun shining through
I wandered around the garden
and found a branch.

One could say I am returning my stones to nature!
Stones dancing in dappled sunlight
The warmth of the sun on my shoulders

And so the sun set on another beautiful
summer day.


  1. Such a great project, Penny !
    (uhhhhm ... perseverance !!!)
    Especially love the pic where the light shines through !!!
    (Ha! it's like a puzzle too, if you've kept all the stones ...)

  2. there's something quite enchanting about multiples of simple, related but slightly different pieces....

  3. I knew this would turn out to be a beautiful cloth! Very deep, thought provoking and enchanting

  4. wow Penny - this is so gorgeous. So natural. Repetition but uniqueness at same time - nature's lesson. xoxo

  5. Following this cloth has indeed been thought-provoking ... your close observation of each stone and your detailed renderings have made me slow down and look more closely, too. And I smiled to see the cloth weighted down with what look to be kindred stones.

    Likewise, cloth takes on new life when flying free in the sun. If only that luminous quality could be retained ... catching and holding sun beams.

  6. My goodness, one a day soon stacks up, doesn't it!

  7. You are creating an extraordinary project out of so called ordinary things--the stones we all see around us. Kudos to you.

  8. I've enjoyed watching your stone choices and then the design, stitch and color choices you've made to represent the stones.
    They look beautiful together.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Don't they all look gorgeous blowing in the breeze! xx

  10. love seeing your stones creation hanging in the breeze! stunning!

  11. Seven months - it seems like yesterday you were starting this project. Loved seeing it sewn together - it's great seeing the individual pieces but the impact of being together is just so much more.

  12. I have loved every single one of those rocks.
    There is a beach in Oregon where the rocks are round, smooth, and very black. Standing above them on the cliff-ish area, they make a loud clattering sound as the waves move them back and forth. On the beach with them, no other sounds can be heard. Just round rocks clattering together with every pass of the water.

  13. I knew this would turn out to be a beautiful cloth! Very deep, thought provoking and enchanting



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