Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Stones of Summer

Think I have photographed the wrong side of this cutie!
Or perhaps the lighting was so bad that night that
I couldn't see so well.

We have had Handy Hubby's cousin visiting
in between being tourists we looked at some M-I-L paintings
thus this week's background.

Thanks for coming to our little corner of the world
Dianna and Mark.

This stone is surprisingly heavy.

Scraped by man?

My favourite this week

Speckled egg of a rock.

I am focussed on enjoying my summer days
It is hard to believe the days will
be shortening soon
and moving towards cooler shorter days.

Have a great creative day.


  1. I found your blog three days ago. I've spent every spare minutes on it since - good job it's the summer holiday. Everything is so interesting and so inspirational - love your work and your comments on life. Thank you.

  2. I am finding that this summer is passing by so quickly. I am surrounded by family this month, and all the days have been packed. Lovely to see the constancy of your stone-embroidery work dear Penny. xo

  3. When friends or family come, it's a great opportunity to be tourists in one's own backyard, isn't it!

  4. I agree with your favourite - love that wee little bit of red. Summer, at least in my mind, is always far too short and seeing that the calendar is about to change to August with barely any summer weather to show for it, just plain makes me sad.

  5. We have had a few days of summer in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, and we are celebrating our regular summer monsoon season. We need the water and we are living in pleasantly cool weather. This is great because most homes in town do NOT have central air conditioning. We cool off at night by leaving windows open and use ceiling fans.

    As I look at your rocks, I always wonder how big or small they are. Do they fit in a small portion of your palm? Or are they bigger than that? Your stitching is wonderful, always. I love the poetic way way you present your images.

  6. This last one speaks of speckled..perfectly speckled! Enjoy these summer days and nights.

  7. interesting thought ~ scrapped by man? just think how long ago that may have happened!

  8. When friends or family come, it's a great opportunity to be tourists in one's own backyard, isn't it!



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