Monday, 20 March 2017

Walking Side by Side


The last two weeks not yet joined to the rest of Stone Pathways.
Two weeks stretching side by side
Makes me think of 
walking life's pathway
with my lovely Handy Hubby!

Life companions
or perhaps a couple of spuds sitting pretty.

Sometimes opposites attract

Growing old and wrinkled together

One can't help but gather scars along the way

After more than forty five years walking the path together
we can't help but mirror each other's thoughts.
Problem is nowadays as we get more forgetful
we both forget the same things!

We feel the path we walked as a family
has given our boys
a good solid footing

They are now out there
walking side by side with their
own beloveds
and I know they will give their wee ones
clear, stable pathways to follow.

Having said all this 
I realize I haven't done much walking this winter
ice underfoot
Can't wait for my early morning walks
with the Rusty Pups
with the warmth of a sunrise on my face.


  1. I like the idea of walking side by side is great. I also think your embroidered rocks are getting better and better.

  2. Yes, "walking side by side" is a good image to hold to. Outward looking, but together and mutually supportive.

  3. If rocks could talk, your cloth and stitches would be the translators.
    Love this new bunch, each one more than the one before.

  4. I like when you lay out the rocks beside the finished stitching. I like comparing them and seeing how you have seen them. I also like the couple of 'walks' you have taken us on, it feels as if we are walking with you. Very peaceful.

  5. I absolutely love this blog post Penny. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts & your work....both so worth visually & thoughtfully ingesting. I am currently doing a weekly art project instigated by Brenda Gael Smith & inspired by my garden. I'm recording the process on my blog. This week's one was inspired by you & I mentioned you in the content of the blog. If you want to check it out it's . Cheers.

  6. beautiful thoughts entwining your married and family life with your Stone Pathways.

  7. this is a beautiful post. Rocks can hold a lot of meaning!

  8. Your thoughtful words and stitching and images still seem like poetry in motion. Love this post. My new blog is up and running and I need to start new posts. You are an inspiration to me.
    Many blessings, Marrianna

  9. my comment yesterday is gone with the wind, so now that today is another day....gah....i love playing with words... husband was just commenting on how much nature we have IN our, sticks, sea shells, leaves, pine needles....and how many cloths i have made ABOUT nature...or would it be Including nature?

    So maybe now you can understand my fascination in your rock pathways. This week is no different.

    But I do have a question. How did you make the "spots" on the first rock? french knots? beads? I can't get close enough to peer into the stitch itself. {wonder if I used the correct 'peer' spelling?}

  10. I am always awed by the way you can interpret the rock into stitch!

  11. What an absolutely beautiful post. After 56 years of marriage we are almost like one.

  12. What an absolutely beautiful post. After 56 years of marriage we are almost like one.

  13. Life can be a rocky road, glad to be traveling along with a gem like you! Lovely post today.


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