Monday, 13 March 2017


Sometimes I take liberties
and make subtle marks bolder.

Sometimes a pebble is so smooth and beautiful
there is no ice of cloth that will do it justice.

Sometimes a pebble is so beautifully rusty
that I forget to make sure the camera focuses on
my stitching rather than the stone.

Sometimes I jut don't get the colour right.

 Sometimes the marks look like cosmic streaks
across a miniature universe.

Sometimes a pebble brings words such as
'butterfingers' to mind.

Sometimes a week takes all my energy in other directions
and I don't quite get things finished on time.

Have a fun March Break.


  1. Such lovely rocks, your fabric ones are great

  2. love how you interpret the rocks

  3. Sometimes life gets away from us. I'm sure you will catch up!

  4. Oh how I love these! Your interpretation of the rocks/stones is so wonderful.

  5. sometimes the Aurora is bold.

    that rusty rock....thunk.

  6. I think it's perfectly great to take artistic license and interpret the rocks any way you see fit. Each one is unique and beautiful.

  7. Great work, they look so lovely. xx

  8. Always so beautiful !

  9. Such beautiful poetry in words and images. Great blog post and wonderful photos + stitching.

  10. Some rocks look soft as the well done!

  11. Sometimes I pick up rocks (likewise shells) when they are still wet, their colors and markings so compelling that I have to pick them up. And then they dry out, losing the very qualities that called out to me. So it seems to me that your stitching is like water on rocks ... calling out, showing each bit of color and pattern ... but without fear of fading away


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