Monday, 15 December 2014

Scratching Studio Debris

Perhaps my biological clock has gone awry
I am still sorting and resorting the studio
Isn't that what we do in Spring.

The energy is building up
towards a brand new year

My stash still holds scraps of childhood memories.

Even the drawers full of threads are being reorganized.

One scrap became a Christmassy tree.


  1. Love the tree - it is a great success!

  2. Your stitching is always so lovely!!

    Have a great holiday season.

    x C

  3. Love these scratchings - especially the tree. Oh and what a great use for the little wrappers that hold embroidery floss together. Brilliant!

  4. Penny - I've been in your studio and am really glad to hear that you are giving it a clean out and a re-focusing. I also understand how tempting all those beautiful things are that you are folding up and putting out of sight - nothing like cleaning to find all the ideas that we don't even know are inside us. (as well as the ones already started and put aside)....

    I'm cleaning my studio(s) now too - changing them to bedrooms because all the kids are coming home next week. It's hard not to stop and start the new ideas.


  5. Love your tree and really love the use of your embroidery
    thread wrappers !

  6. That Christmas tree is sweeeeet !!!!
    Have good holidays, Penny !

  7. I couldn't stop smiling while reading....I had several days worth to catch up on...the RP's playing, and leaving smugey nose prints on windows, the yellow print in your scratch...I think I had some of that....and the tree...oh I love your tree! [am a self proclaimed tree lover] I had just been thinking this a.m. about the silly cloth tree I made recently, and thinking what a bust it was....until now....with your blessing, I hope, I will add strips of cloth to my tree to give it a 3-d look? a branchy look? feathery? It too may be a bust...but I can shirley give it a try! Yes?


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