Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Rusty Pups

Our constant companions
Devoted to us as we are devoted to them
Feet warmers in the winter months
Face lickers
One Expert catcher of tennis balls
One expert at scratching her back on grass and snow
Guardians of our woods
Squirrel chasers...actually chasers of anything that moves
Barking announcers of visitors
Mud seekers
Source of serious dust bunnies in this house
Creators of dirty nose prints on clean windows
and much much more

So grateful am I


  1. Yes, dogs are great companions. I have just put our two to bed (kennels outside our bedroom window) a Keplie x ( our son's dog) is forever chasing balls and my rusty coloured Cocker Spaniel such a happy joyful dog.

  2. I can understand you joy and thankfulness with the Rusty Puppies and they are very well cared for. Their fur is beautifully combed.

  3. I went to the Alex Colville retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontario last week and came away thinking that I would like to have a dog. His paintings that include dogs have a comfortable innocent quality. So that was a surprise - because Alex Colville's paintings are famous for the feelings of unrest that they communicate.
    And there were some paintings with sinister feelings - guns on table tops etc - but what I walked away with were two things.
    1. he loved his wife very much - he painted her throughout their long marriage and the ones of her as an old lady are just as beautiful as the earlier ones
    2. he loved dogs.
    I like that you post about how much you love your dogs.

  4. Look at them so pretty with their winter coats! Hugs! deb

  5. They are beautiful! Happy Holidays to you all. xo

  6. And particularly handsome animals, too!

  7. Such gorgeous companions (and you KNOW how jealous I am!). Please give lots of extra skritches from me - and a few extra ball tosses too.

  8. Truly a beautiful friendship!

  9. you know I know that you know I know


  10. so lovely, these two beautiful dogs.


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