Monday, 20 October 2014

Scratching September's End

Three weeks ago

 Way back on September 22nd I was binding a quilt in dotty red.
On the Tuesday morning RP's chased a raccoon into a salt pond
where the brave little thing turned and faced them
not moving another inch.
I flew to Toronto and up to Collingwood on Wednesday.

Finally I was able to hold my first grandchild
such a precious little thing
I think my stitched feet are larger than hers!

She loves her vibrating chair.
Think I could use one of those!

They have a lovely old fashioned pram.

Then life got busy.


  1. So now proud grandma documented babysteps in such a

  2. Typical beautiful Pennyway

  3. So wonderful to hear about your granddaughter. That 'first time holding' is magical.


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