Sunday, 19 October 2014

Grand Babies are Grand

The reason for my silence
three glorious weeks away meeting this little honeybunch.
At times she sleeps as peaceful as can be
but not necessarily.
Just like her Dad, even in her sleep she can be
A bundle of wriggling muscles.

So serious was she as she studied everything around her.
when I arrived she looked at light and contrast.
By the time I left she was looking at our eyes and faces
and the smiles were beginning to be real.

Tiny hands would wrap into fists

Arms would stretch out relaxed over Mama's shoulders

The yoga ball was used to soother at fussy times.
Both parents would take it in turn gently bouncing with babe in arms.
I didn't trust myself to do that
but could have done with one back in the seventies!

Uncle Brett came to meet his niece.

Handy Hubby became an adoring grandpa.

Butterfly babe

So many thanks to Mark and Donna for allowing 
me to share this precious time with them.


  1. Blessings all around Penny... your granddaughter is truly beautiful and the smiles are evidence that she is winning over many hearts.

  2. Penny, she is just so lovely!

  3. Next to being a mom, the best thing in the world is being a grand-mom. Congratulations to the whole family. She is indeed precious.

  4. Penny, she is indeed lovely! Such a wonderful time for you all and for you in getting to know her, creating immediate bonds. So exciting for you!

  5. Thank you for sharing these very intimate photos.
    Your happiness is shining through - congratulations to the family and very best wishes to the new parents. A beautiful daughter.

  6. Such a little bundle of sweetness! So nice that you were able to get in lots of grandparent cuddles.

  7. Special times...create special memories.

  8. Wondered where you had got to. Such a precious bundle, sadly all my grandchildren are way past being babies, I love them but babies melt ones heart.

  9. Congratulations Grandma ! She is BEAUTIFUL !


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