Thursday, 12 December 2013

What that Palliated Did

Do you remember my tale of the Palliated Woodpecker and the squirrel?

I walked that part of the garden to see what damage
he had done with all that tap tap tapping on wood.

I was shocked!
that is at least 2" square.
Poor tree is doomed I fear.

This fall we had to cut down another tree in that area...

....and another....

....and their crispy crunchy branches.


  1. My goodness, that is a pretty serious hole! Do they live in tree-trunks or was he just looking for food?

  2. Have you tried putting out suet in the winter near the tree or hanging from the tree. Maybe that would help.

  3. Also would filling the hole with tree tar help? Or could there be bugs in the tree, possibly harming it? I never have seen one of these birds stay in one spot that long, so I haven't seen the damage they can do.


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