Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Icy Inspiration

We found a dead tree captured mid-stream
by rings of ice.

and another imprisoned for the winter months.

Frozen reflections

The winters are harsh up here in the North....

....but beautiful

The frozen lines in every corner of the woods
each had their own personality

Nature's lines full of stitch potential.


  1. nature gives us the best!
    sorry for being absent but one og my blackones died and she makes me feel so so sad

  2. Oh how very, very lovely. A tribute to winter (even though it must have been difficult to stay warm enough to capture these images).

  3. Oh wow how beautiful but cold looking

  4. New to your blog ... these ice shapes are fascinating and I agree, easily speak of stitching. Stay warm!

  5. So cold, but so beautiful. I look forward to seeing these icy images show up in stitch.

  6. Fascinating photos of the stillness of ice. Looks like a painting.

  7. Wonderful, wonderful photos, Penny! Thanks for sharing!


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