Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Faltering Under Pressure

Some folk thrive under pressure
claiming they do their best work that way
Not me
Definitely not me
This was my first attempt with a very short deadline
How dismal is that!
I unpicked most of it

And added some textures and colours.
Ran out of time
It will have to do.

I was thinking beech leaves

For me the back is beautiful!


  1. Deadlines become dreadlines ...:) I love backsides too!

  2. There are some lovely colours in there. Deadlines are a menace to the thoughtful worker - I really do sympathise!

  3. I think it looks really interesting. I am not good with deadlines either. I am still happily stitching daily, but sometimes find that deadline not easy to meet!

  4. I love that backside too..............very much!

  5. Deadlines cause my brain to seize up with terror. That is why I no longer take commissions. Tried it a couple of times - disastrous. My worst work ever. I gotta be free :)

  6. the back is a whole World, with sound...


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