Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beach Walking

We always walk towards the water

With dunes at our back

Tennis balls are thrown
and frisbies fly through the air

Some of us cool off in damp sand

Sometimes the frisby settles after creating a perfect spiral

We sip tea on the terrace of a local restaurant
as the Rusty Pups watch from behind wall

There's not much seaweed on this particular beach

We followed a logging truck on the road home.


  1. It must be lovely for the RPs to run around in such huge spaces - not to mention, for you to be able to see them.

  2. beautiful beaches. hey, penny, could you email me, i have a contact from the UK trying to connect with someone in cape breton--velma, vdbolyard@gmail.com

  3. So glad to see that both RP's are able to run and play and enjoy the beach. Ailing RP must be feeling better....yay!!

  4. Oh my, your beaches are very broad! and flat! so different from the beaches on the Gulf Coast that I'm used to. What a wonderful place to run and play. Love rusty pup's face over the wall :)


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