Monday, 23 April 2012

That Was The Week That Was

Tuesday baskets
for the Mi'kmaq basket I came home with

Wednesday's eagles.
Driving across the province to hear Lynne Edwards talk
we followed the LaHave river.
I said we hadn't seen any eagles
because we always do...
and ..... poof
there were three eagles soaring above us!

Friday's SAQA show opening
meant a drive to Halifax.
Our drive looks rooty because the show is called

On Sunday Val Hearder
brought Lynne over for a visit between workshops.
We laughed and reminisced and of course visited Frenchy's.
Frenchy's is one of Nova Scotia's best kept secrets!
The blue scratchings are my attempt at
depicting cathedral windows
that Lynne is famous for.

So that was the week that was!
Oh, and the rusty scraps stitched down with running stitch
was the day of our local quilt guild meeting
and a great meeting it was too.


  1. This was a very eclectic week and your stitching is great. LOVE those eagles!

    1. I can't leave a comment unless it's a reply!

      ...but ne'er mind....

      I love those woven baskets....both real and stitched! :-)

    2. Oh, yes, the eagles Carol.

      Strange that Chris.

  2. What a great week you had! I just love those beautiful couched threads - the colours are delicious.

    1. Busy week..not much time for actual stitching.

  3. Your scratchings get more and more beautiful. Those eagles look amazing! Also love the cathedral windows motif. Good to hear Lynn Edwards is still lecturing/teaching, although I've not had a chance to study with her.

    1. Yes, Lynne keeps very busy teaching but doesn't travel much nowadays.

  4. love those little baskets.

  5. I love your 'stitch diary'! Sometimes that's all it takes to keep our creativity going, to just stick the needle and thread into fabric and create a tiny picture of your day. Lovely!

    1. So you're back...Loved the bark on that cottonwood.

  6. Wonderful to see how you choose to represent each day in stitch - this is a lovely project!

  7. i bet this week will keep you going for a loong time! i kinda like those turkey tracks between all the excitement!

  8. A beautiful story both in words and stitch

  9. i can't get over how few stitches it is taking you to you to create something as complicated as a bird...and leaving no doubt about which bird!!!!

  10. Your creative stitching is really your talent, isn't it? This daily work is pushing you to your true self perhaps. Do you love it?

  11. Those eagles you've stitched are so perfect...such a minimum of actual stitches but the end result is perfect eagles. Love it!


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