Thursday, 12 April 2012

Shiny Things That Gather in my Studio

Shiny gifts from the sea
why the holes?
I imagine they filtered the sea through those holes
for tiny nutrients.
Amazing interior design.

I'm a lover of boxes
A pair on tiny shiny boxes

sit atop my encaustic spiral.
I tried it one day
and ended up with four finished pieces.
Absolutely amazing for a stitcher who spends months on one piece.
Unfortunately the fumes were not Penny friendly!


  1. Good morning AJ! Do you ever get down to the South coast? It's great seeing snippets of England from you.

  2. Heavens, yes, stitchery is a slow process. Although I always point out that while my mother can finish a painting in half an hour, it's half an hour plus the preceding forty years of practice...

    1. Yes, but we've also had about forty years of practice too!

  3. that encaustic spiral is beautiful.

  4. Sometimes a gal just needs shiny!


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