Friday, 13 April 2012

Pond Paddlers

Great excitement around the pond....
Handsome Harry has a mate or at least a date.
One of them fished as the other sat high atop a spruce
on rusty pup watch.
Let's hope Henrietta approved of our fishing ground
and that they will nest in a tall, tall spruce nearby.

Meanwhile the alders are dangling rusty catkins
that dance in the breeze.

Pleeeeeeeeeese throw the ball
from the obsessed Shandy RP

The Kayla RP finds dried wood much more interesting than balls

but chewing is so exhausting!

After chasing ball
Shandy RP decides to catch her breath
and some rays!


  1. Love the pics of the Rusty Pups. They always look so clean. My shephard/rot comes in from the yard with bits of buds, grass and lots of dirt.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for the critter update... and do hope Harry's date turns into a mate!

  3. Gosh Penny, I have missed so much.I spent some time this morning looking back into your previous posts. What an interesting blog you keep. The stitching is so lovely. I admire your technique. The natural visual treats are much enjoyed.
    Just beautiful!

  4. Dear animals, Penny. I smile! -sus

  5. Love the crossed paws - there's a definite sense that activity has ceased for the time being..!

  6. Yah!!! Pup in the breeze - nice!

  7. Looks like Spring is finally coming your way!

  8. Hope Handsome Harry woos Henrietta - that would be amazing! Have to say that I am most enthralled with the gorgeous rusty pups though - how I wish I could throw that ball for them.

  9. That would be pretty awesome if they set up housekeeping...


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