Monday, 2 April 2012

Back Home Re-energized and Inspired

Back after a lovely weekend with so many friends.
Before leaving spent the day with a group if fibre artists
we call ourselves Loose Threads
and so had to do a day's scratching with loose threads
think I've invented a new stitch!
The next day is my drive across the province to Oak Island
and subsequent days represent gatherings around tables
and mingling and interweaving of ideas.

Driving home my car automatically stopped at the usual
spots where we usually give the dogs a break if they're with us.

The Mersey river!

Wonder how many of them there are in the world!
Sorry Barb didn't take photos of the South Shore this time
Next trip.

In these parts
when a tree dies
we usually leave them in place
and carve them into bears
or suchlike.
Notice the 'Caution Cat Play Area'?
Kept that in for so many of you are companions to cats!


  1. What a wonderful custom - carving bears out of the trees! Bear the great healer!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Angie. I see you are doing Sian's city and guilds course. I did mine many years ago but would love to redo it with Sian whose work I love.

  2. the loose stitch reminds me of that wrap stitch in knitting and how precious, the acorn for oak island. tis true, we are just companions for cats...lovely work. thank you for the happy vision

    1. Hi Ani...I know nothing of fancy knitting stitches but am trying to learn.

  3. Love the bear! I'm finding your stitched diary fascinating!

    1. Rachel...Most of the fun is dreaming up how to stitch/scratch the day.

  4. Our city has started carving totems into trees that have died and they are wonderful! We too, have some tree bears in the neighborhood. In the desert climate, trees are precious. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. I love your loop d'loo stitch!

    1. Now there's a forward thinking city council!

  5. it never occurred to me before that the reason for bears in sometimes odd places
    was sometimes to acknowledge the passing of a tree
    thank you

  6. Beautiful water, and I like the lose stitch!

  7. What a beautiful idea, to carve dead trees into bears! I love that house (?) by the water, and the river.

  8. you live in a very beautifull part of the world
    nice trees
    and what's a cat playground?

  9. I'm just getting caught up on blogs but had to comment on your 'new' stitch -- I love it!! You should patent it *smile*.

  10. What a fantastic place, your corner of the world seems very beautiful, no wonder you are inspired to make beautiful things!


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