Monday, 31 October 2011

Some Favourite Things from a Slow & Natural Dye Week

A gift of lightweight wool cloth from a Toronto girl
took the dyes beautifully.
Dress weight wool not easy to find
but definitely worth the hunt. 

My favourite colour combination is now soft greys and tans.

Leaves transferred their colours beautifully to a gift of raw silk from Judy.

This small corner of shibori lines is my favourite of all.
Surprising because of the tangled mess 
I always manage to make of those long tails 
from gathered threads.

And I was finally able to buy one of Margi's dolls.
They always have a story.
This is Beatrice, princess from an exotic land, 
who feels that her giraffe frock and feathered fascinator are perfect for weddings, 
whether royal or common.

Must get back to stitching this week.
I've missed the feel of needle pulling thread through soft cloth.


  1. natural neutrals are indeed most wonderful

  2. I love the silk with the leaf, so lovely and Miss Beatrice is so sweet.

  3. So many subtle variations of colour. It might be slightly tricky to get the right balance of enhancing them with stitching without overpowering - you have a lot of fun ahead!

  4. gentleness in cloth and colour

  5. Beautiful cloth -- makes me feel calm and peaceful (which I can use right now). Love Beatrice -- looks like quite a gal!

  6. Love the cloth and the little doll too! Tell me about what is on the last cloth it a button?

  7. I love every picture, every piece of cloth, every nuance of colour. I would like so much to learn to dye like this. You are such an inspiration to me.

  8. All your pieces are beautiful Penny! I wonder how they will appear in new work .... ;-)
    The dolls Margie makes are wonderful story telling creatures (I wonder how big this is ?)

  9. Yes, still have to take a lot of decisions on how to proceed with the stitching stage. You can be sure there will be stitching! doll is about 9" tall.

    Nancy that is not a button, it is in fact a gorgeous egg shaped rock. I have the name written on a piece of paper that I can't find at the moment!

    Aracne...Bless your heart...Thanks.


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