Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Winter's Star

A star who lives in the frozen north
requires thick wintery snowpants
and a warm and fuzzy jacket.

If he didn't wear bright red earmuffs,
the tips of his ears might turn to frozen blue.

Despite all the layers required to keep him warm
he still wears his heart on the outside.

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  1. JOY!
    I've always yearned to touch
    a star. At last, one which is
    touchable! Love each and every

  2. Despite the fact it´s Spring I find his colours + fuzzyness just RIGHT...

  3. Penny, you have such a great spirit. Reading your blog makes me feel happy. :)

  4. Christina..the textures of having to keep warm in the cold!

    Deanna..there is way too much serious going around right now.

    Ger...It's supposed to be Spring!! Brrr we're still freezing over here.

    Vaishali...Thank you so much for visiting.!


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