Monday, 4 April 2011

While I'm away

I'm away at the moment at a fibre artist retreat
spending time with friends.
Before leaving the pups and I fought our way through my woods for the first time this year.
I felt like Livingston.
Couldn't find my usual many trees had fallen victim to the winds of winter.
Always so sad to find more dead trees every year
but the dead ones provide nourishment for woodpeckers
and the woodpecker holes provide shelter for somebody.

Mother nature played a not so funny April fools joke on Friday.
As I drove across the province she decided it was time for a snowstorm.
Poor visibility, white-outs and thick snow on icy roads made for a fright-filled drive.
Stopped at Kejimkujik National Park.
Gallant husband Richard decided to come to my rescue knowing that what would normally take him 30 minutes would take an hour at least.
I sat watching snow and ice slowly climb up the windshield.
Park rangers came by and checked up on me several times.
Finally a snowplough drove by with R following behind it!
We talked over our options...
nearly turned back, but it would have been just as bad going backwards as forwards.
I opted to carry on. 
R followed me for a few kilometres and then turned home.
It was a long slow drive....but I made it!
Shared a wonderful weekend with inspirational women.
Glad to be home again but sad to miss precious time with friends.
Holy Mackerel...the addendum is way longer than the original post...sorry!


  1. Hi Penny
    Did you come home early because of the snow? What a bummer after the road conditions to get there. But we look forward to hear more about what you did at the fiber retreat.

    We have a dying Maple in the back yard and its entertainment sitting by the pond and watching all the activity that goes on in it.

  2. wonderful wood peckered holes in that tree. it was interesting to read your addendum about being snowed in on the road, very scary. did you have a mobile phone connection with R or is he just very intuitive?

  3. wow. that was some adventure you had. glad it all worked out well. amazing what the woodpeckers did to that tree.

  4. We got that snow, too, about 4 or 5 inches, though, not bad... slushy stuff today. Yesterday I photographed a big old snag with tons of wood pecker holes.... I love it.

  5. but the addentum made it all clear....... you spent time with friends and lived with nature....... whats more important?

  6. Scary storm!!! I'm glad that you were able to spend time with your friends, but sad that you needed to come home early. Good for Richard for coming to your appears that he's still a keeper!!!

  7. the artists retreat sounds great, the snow sounds awful.

    What a combination....


  8. what an adventure...glad your home after still having precious time with friends...
    love to the puppies!

  9. Sigh - Canada in April.

    Nova Scotia is getting so much snow this year.


  10. I admire you - I think I wouldn't have panicked on the outside but inside I would have really wanted to. How fortunate anyone is to have someone who will come to their rescue. Gilly


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