Thursday, 7 April 2011

Stars can be Warriors too

A warrior star...
or at least one that lives in the vicinity of Mars.
This particular warrior star has an affinity for the water below
as he floats just above it.

He is fiery to the core.

But there are chinks in his armour...
or I could not bring myself to cover this rusty spot.

Needle weaving forms an effective protection for stars of the warrior genre.


  1. Penny,

    It's beautiful! The star and your words.. A lovely way to start my morning!
    Thank you!

  2. a very fine Warrior Star, standing at the ready
    like this a LOT ~

  3. where's the "like"/"love" button?? :)

  4. Oh, a star warrior... lovely.

    And I noticed Pillars of the Earth in the sidebar... I loved that book and its sequel. Wonder if you saw the film version. It was a made for TV min-series and I thought they did a mostly excellent job. Some things a bit off, but for the most part, I liked it. It was only the Pillars book, maybe someday they'll tackle the next. Lots of lovely inspiration over there on that sidebar!

  5. wonderful. love that center with the couched down bits of cloth. and red is definitely a warrior color.

  6. FANTASTIC!!!!! (in my humble opinion!) Wonderful variation in textures. Gilly

  7. I love the way you've stitched the points of the star - and the bit you left out where the rust shows through. Such an effective technique.

  8. Stronger for having a chink I think. I wouldn't have been able to cover that either.

  9. I´m applauding you for not covering the rusty spot...!

  10. a rusty star to guide me to bed, and keep me safe along the way. thanks for that, k.

  11. Wonderful, I love your needle weaving and the rustic look you have achieved.

    Jacky xox

  12. brilliant in many directions

  13. You are all stars in my world!

  14. a thing of beauty.
    a work of art.
    a shining example.
    i admire this star, so........!

  15. Such great variety of texture/armor!


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