Friday, 15 April 2011

Rites of Spring

Wood Ducks glided around the pond this morning
in an elegant "pick me" dance.
Several oh so handsome males
and one aloof female.

The males chased each back and forth around the pond.
It all seemed very civilized...but every now and then
there would be an outburst of charging at each other or a mighty flapping of wings.

After enjoying their antics for a long time,
I watched them swim up the stream into the woods.
Apologies for the photo quality....simply had to record the morning's activities.
Actually...the story did not end there...more news tomorrow.


  1. ducks are so funny to watch. I love their long loud quacks that sound like chuckling, they are great birds, I miss keeping ducks!

  2. Ducks alway seem so 'insistent' - even when they are just swimming around. Fun pictures!

  3. what a pleasant morning penny. love the story and the pics.



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