Saturday, 16 April 2011

He's Back!

So, yesterday, when the rusty pups were finally let out,
they ran straight to the pond and chased the Wood Ducks away with great bravado.
But to my surprise they stayed up at the pond.
There was obviously still something going on up there.
I worried that a duck was left behind and hurt perhaps.

Then I saw that familiar brown lump on the bank.
The Beaver was back for his springtime visit. 

Beaver looks bigger than he did last year.

The rusty pups were thrilled!
It took all that doggy training to stop them diving in with him.
His favourite sunbathing spot is right in front of those small spruce trees.
He has worn a muddy path into the pond just there.

When we're at the pond he likes to swim back and forth in front of us.
At times he whacks the water with his mighty tail and dives beneath the surface.
Then the dogs run back and forth wondering where he will come up again.

Love the water reflections here.


  1. fabulous, what a happy and exciting post. i want to dive in with the beaver, tho he does look bigger than before.

  2. Good for you with the training. My Jake would be right in there.He loves to swim and play. He is very good on lead with all the rabbits we have in the yard. Maybe if I let him loose I'd still have tulips
    Great photos.

  3. wow, well behaved dogs indeed! And a good-size beaver, it appears. Pasha came running back inside this morning.... when I looked outside, an enormous porcupine was waddling up the drive. Good to avoid!

    And, yes, lovely reflections in water.

  4. i also love the reflections in the water. great shot of Mr. Beaver.

  5. The beaver us just sitting there reflecting on his next meal. Either that or on the fact that he's put on a few pounds, so might not be able to get away from those noisy, rusty pups! I'm happy that you're finally able to get outand enjoy the rich nature that surrounds you!

  6. Spring is finally in the air! But even the critters are shocked at how cold it still is.


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