Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Goosey Visitors to the Pond

A devoted pair of Canada Geese
came, despite the pouring rain, to reconnoitre the pond this morning.

These are handsome birds that I love...
but not enough to encourage them to stay!
I have experienced life on a migration route..
where parks and soccer fields would fill with gaggling geese...quite an amazing sight.
However, what the geese left behind was not a pretty sight! 

Luckily, after munching on grass, swimming in the pond and generally checking us out,
one of them hooted and 
with mighty flapping wings...off they went.
Perhaps they spied the beaver.
I hadn't let the rusty pups out yet....that would have caused quite a todo!

Brings to mind a childhood nursery rhyme..
Goosey Goosey Gander
Where shall I wander...


  1. O those geese!! They are such a pain where I live. They stay here year round and linger around the water retention ponds that business developements and home subdivisions are required to have. Our park department ponds have been contaminated by their waste. We don't get them in our frog pond, but last year we had a pair of Mallards in it that Terry found necessary to scare and prevent from returning. The river is just down the road so we get a lot of unwanted water foul stop for a visit.

  2. Oh, yes, Carol. Beautiful, but not in my backyard!

  3. oh yes they are so beautiful. have never been that close to one.

  4. beautiful birds....but i'm guessing that their ancestors probably flew that route many, many moons before the business developments and home subdivisions arrived.
    Imagine life without birds - unimaginable!


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