Friday, 29 April 2011

Colour Play

Give six women
pieces of wool, silk, cotton and linen
small jars of natural dyes, extracts and pigments
and you get
a day that started with
resolutions to calculate percentages of weight to the n'th degree
careful note-taking
disagreement of results of said calculations
spillages and accidents...oops
breakdown in resolution to be accurate
laughter, laughter, laughter

Cochineal crushed to a powder..

did not produce the colour we expected..
so we added some vinegar..
no change..
more to learn about that one.

Dyer's Broom.... liked that one.
As usual wool sucked up colour beautifully
and Linen absorbed the least.

Madder was my favourite.
We learn something new each time.
A great day with Diane, Betsy, Sharon, Marilyn, Sheila.
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  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to explore dyeing!

  2. what a wonderful day that must have been........such lucky girls you are

  3. luscious colors. sounds like you all had fun.

  4. What wonderful strong tones! Sounds like such fun too. Gilly

  5. YUMSH!!!! And lucky you to have compatriots!

  6. Wow - what fun!!! Would have loved to have seen your hands afterward (or were you very neat and tidy and wore gloves) *smile*.

  7. I would have liked to be part of this group, dying fascinates me.

  8. And, what is even more exciting is that India is coming to Nova Scotia and I've just registered to spend a week with her!

  9. well your last comment/addition is very exciting for you, when will that be?
    your colours are lovely, even if some are not quite what you were expecting.

  10. Now I really hope the madder seed I planted comes up! So exciting to have a class with India!


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