Thursday, 21 April 2011

Birds of a Golden Feather

Chattering Goldfinches are everywhere at the moment, despite the rain.
They crowd the crab apple tree above the bird feeders
waiting their turn.

Waiting their turn.

Seemingly oblivious of raindrops that must hit hard on a tiny little thing like that.

The skyscraper feeder is crowded and empties fast. 

Niger seed is of course popular.

A Goldfinch might find that he has to share it with a Chipping Sparrow.


  1. I love those little finches. We put a Niger seed sock out and I have counted as many as 30 at one time. O, not on the sock, but they wait in line in a nearby tree. I'm not sure I have ever seen those sparrows with the red dot on their head.

  2. What great photographs of the birds in your yard! Thanks for sharing them. Nice photo of two good looking dogs too :-) They look happy.

  3. No goldfinches here yet - it's always exciting to spot the first one. Unfortunately we don't dare put out feeders because there are two hawks that regularly patrol looking to eat our little birds.

  4. I have never seen these little yellow birds, their feathers look so elegant, such a perfect color combination! And I like looking at your photos.

  5. The tree of birds is wonderful. I am going to show my grand'girls tomorrow and see if they can find all the birds in the tree.

  6. These are so beautiful. I know that you've been waiting patiently for spring -- but just think, if the trees weren't still bare you might not have seen these beauties.

  7. Bird watching is always fun!
    Love your stars in the post before,


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