Saturday, 9 April 2011

Battle of the Seasons

The sun shines bright from a clear blue sky and dances on top of salty waves.
Thereby lies the problem.....the waves are being created by a bitterly cold wind.
There is a battle of the seasons going on and Winter is still winning.
In these parts Spring has to share her timeslot with a stubborn Winter.
Then one day...poof...they will both be gone and Summer will reign triumphant.

The top of the dike is littered with mussel shells.
Seagulls pluck mussels from the sparkling water
and shock them into opening by dropping them on the black basalt rocks that form the dike.
Voila dinner is served.
Trouble is I have a rusty pup who thinks the leftover shells are delicious.
Surely that's not good for the digestion.

A cemetery crowns the rounded hill beyond the dike.
Oh, the stories those stones and the occupants of that hill could tell
about life in this valley over the centuries.
I've always loved social history.

Way off in the distance at the end of this dike is where Champlain and his men landed in 1604.


  1. Thanks for your lovely tales! Lots of calcium in shells for your doggies. Love to you both, Jennifer

  2. thanks for the tour, have you ever thought of doing rubbings off those gravestones? beautiful sea, how i miss it, cold wind or no.

  3. Oh brrrzy (obviously I made up that word). I'm wishing you more sunshine and a little warmth thrown in as a tease for summer.

  4. I am drawn in to your environment, your place, with this post Penny. Gilly

  5. Jennifer - Bonjour!

    kaite; Oh, yes, I should take rubbings from those gravestones. Thanks for planting the germ of an idea.

    Penny; Thanks - we need all the help we can get!

    Gilly; It's wonderful!

  6. I guess my father's family wasn't all that far behind Champlain. I've heard that they landed in Canada in the mid-1600's.

    Beautiful ocean and beautiful place. The sense of history is quite amazing! I'm sure that the waves, the woods and the gravestones have lots of stories to tell. If you listen to the whispers, perhaps you'll even hear one of my ancestors! Of course, they'll be speaking French!

  7. Last couple nights have been down below freezing. We're not quite there yet either.

  8. Thanks for a great post with your wonderful photos and the story to go along with them.

  9. AM - Wish they'd had Digital cameras then..we'd learn so much more from them!

    Deb. I suppose all good things take time!

    Judy; Thank you for visiting.


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