Saturday, 5 March 2011

Winter on the Annapolis Basin

A visit to Diane's home at the other end of the basin is always inspiring.
I live way up the other end in those far and distant hills.
We watch the redpolls, American finches and juncos at the feeder.
Crows squawk around in the breeze.
Pigeons attempt to feed too, but Diane shoos them away!
A feral cat comes by hoping to catch an unsuspecting bird
and a fox does the same.
When the tide turns the seagulls start swirling over the shallows
and the seals move onto the long sandbar that appears.
But it is the sight of the eagle soaring over the water hoping to catch his afternoon snack that always thrills me.
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  1. i love the sight of hills across the water, it reminds me of my childhood in Hobart, Tasmania, looking across the Derwent river.
    i can't see the eagle tho...k.

  2. I wasn't fast enough to catch the eagle!

  3. Beautiful writing Penny! Gilly


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