Friday, 4 March 2011

Pilfering the Peanut Butter Ball

Visualizing the plan of action...

Arriving at the scene..

Nibbling up as much as possible..

Never remain at the scene too long..

Always check that those rusty pups aren't around before making a mad dash back to the tree.


  1. showing my ignorance - what is it's name? a squirrel perhaps? very cute anyway.

  2. Hi Penny

    Fun little guys, aren't they! I feed mine peanut butter sandwiches. Keeps them somewhat out of my feeders. A few take the bread from my hand. Mostly we just get a kick out of watching them fight over it all!

  3. A delightful set of photos.You stillhave a lot of snow there! And wow your mockingbird is AMAZING!!! Gilly

  4. What a cheeky little squirrel...arent they gorgeous! We dont have these cute little fellows in Australia so thanks for sharing.

    Love those scenes in your latest post too. That photo of the basin and the lone tree in the foreground is lovely.

    Jacky xox

  5. Kaite: yup - red squirrel. They are smaller than the grey squirrels.

    Oh, Carol, I will try your peanut butter sandwiches!

    Deanna: and they amuse the dogs for hours!

    Oh, yes, Gilly, still snowing and accumulating snow banks here.

    Jacky: there are a lot of people over here who would like to send all these squirrels your way if you want!

  6. Squirrels are amazingly smart little creatures to figure out how to get at the suet. It's such fun to watch them hanging upside down - makes you wonder how they manage to hold on and stuff themselves at the same time.

  7. nice how the tail reflects the curve of the ironwork in that last image

  8. oh goodness me aren't they the cuteset wee things ever!


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