Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Whale of an experience

Yesterday we took the brother whale watching....

and were treated to a wonderful display...

of tails...

and mighty width!
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  1. You are so lucky! Also, don't worry, I don't know how to properly reply to the posts either. Kaite is more of an expert than I am and I'm sure she could provide the elusive answers.

  2. hi Penny, not exactly sure how you want to reply but here goes - firstly blogger doesn't let us reply to each comment like typepad does, you just have to post a comment like anyone else; secondly, if you want to post a personal email reply it all depends upon whether or not the person posting the comment has left their email address with blogger on their profile - i haven't but some people have. Does this help? I use various ways depending upon whether or not i have their email address. cheers, kaite

  3. Wonderful! Nothing like whale watching. One feels so humbled.


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