Sunday, 29 August 2010

Rusty and Watery and Stitched

The first rusty leaves have speckled the stream.....

and the lake hides behind rusty maple leaves....

and the stitching on my rusty water piece progresses.......

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  1. i like that little flap left unstitched.

  2. Mmmmmm, it's looking good! Of course, it's also reminding me that I actually need to DO something with my rusty bits, but not just yet. LOL! I like the way you tied your piece into the environment. The trees are just starting to change up north as well.

  3. Just love what youve done with your rusty bits of fabric, its very soothing somehow. Smashing.

  4. But I don't want to see the leaves turning already...waaah!! I'm NOT a winter person and fall, although beautiful, just means that it's getting closer. Never mind, your pictures will make me forget all that and appreciate the beauty AND serve to remind me about the rusted fabrics currently making me feel guilty for not having done anything with them.

  5. Thanks for visiting girls. There is nothing like the colours of fall is there. Like a wonderful treat before the whiteness of winter.


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