Friday, 13 August 2010

Rust from Rebar

This piece is about the same size as the fence imprint. I wrapped it around a rebar pole with string. If I was smart I would have used something like Perle Cotton that could then be threaded through a needle! Anyhoooo, I like the idea of combining this piece and the gate and stitching away.
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  1. Looking good! Of course, don't forget that you can couch down larger pieces of string. I think I learned that from someone else. Do you know who that could be? Anyway, it's interesting that the piece is looking golden. I hope that I can find some rusty rebar while on vacation.

  2. penny...this is wonderful and i just happen to
    have some rebar out there...!....
    blog is very nice, easy on the eyes but FULL
    of energy!

  3. lovely texture Penny, and my favourite colour too. would you like my recipe for rust dyeing? it's quite quick and you can do anything from string to paper to fabric...k.


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