Saturday, 11 December 2021

Our Show is Closing on December 18th With a Closing Online Conversation


Judy Martin, Miranda Bouchard and I would like to invite you
to a closing reception online at Zoom.
Like last time you can register through this link

I noticed that you have to scroll down their page to get to the
registration link.

We are very grateful for all of you who have managed to make the trip to see our show.
The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum tell us that it has been very well attended
considering all the Covid restrictions.

If you have been there very recently you will have met photographer Paul Latour who has been documenting the show.

The two installation images here are by Paul.

Perhaps we will see you online in seven more days!


  1. I loved every minute of being with you yesterday online - and so wished I was sitting next to you and seeing your smiles in person. You were wonderful and so relaxed - sharing the love of making these beautiful works of art and the relationship you have had with Judy and Miranda and the MVTM team. I am so happy that this first adventure for your beautiful work is over (though I will watch again today on my computer) and you can just rest and relax, knowing that so many around the world now want to see your work in person somehow! Blessings... always. bethany

  2. So nice that there could actually BE a show when so many have been postponed or outright canceled since this pandemic came along.


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