Monday, 8 April 2019

Stitching Trees

Trees surround us
This old matriarch once was twice as tall
The Heron would perch upon the very top
surveying the garden
checking to see if the Rusty Pups were around
before dropping to the pond beneath
for a delectable fishy breakfast

She has become a totem pole designed by Woodpeckers
She stands across the pond
I admire her every day from the studio
Wondering how much longer I will have the privilege of watching
this cycle of nature.
I will miss her when she's gone.

When I ventured out early this morning
to photograph my Matriarch
I crunched across a frosty lawn
and couldn't resist photographing this little clump of frosted leaves.
But I digress!

 I am stitching trees

Big trees
Each one taking days to stitch.
That's appropriate
For it takes the real thing years to grow.

My trees are Spruce trees growing on rocks
there will be red.
Red wild holly berries that provide winter sustenance
to birds and deer.

Two of them will have succumbed to the Woodpeckers
by the time I'm finished.

I am stitching and listening for the story as it reveals itself.


  1. This is looking very good. It brings to life the pattern and texture of a stand of spruces.

  2. Tiny stitches building mighty tall trees,lovely meditation.

  3. Hi Penny,
    Your stitching is gorgeous!
    I noticed you haven't switched to HTTPS yet, you can see in the URL.
    It's more secure and you can find info and easy tutorials on how to switch in blogspot.
    I thought maybe you weren't aware of that.
    Have a great day,

  4. Penny these are beautiful, love those stitched trunks.

  5. Penny these are beautiful, love those stitched trunks.

  6. Such beautiful colours in those frosty leaves. Well I love your tree stitching. Such a shame about your old tree but it has had a long and worthwhile life and is still home to many insects I am sure. xx

  7. I love trees. This is wonderful!

  8. What a pleasure that was to read and to see your lovely little stitches. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your walk through the leaves and your creating process. I look forward to getting home to my own trees in a few weeks and telling them how much I have missed them.

  9. how within each stitched trunk there is a sense of many more ...

  10. J'aime beaucoup ce travail! Ces arbres, les naturels et les textiles sont très beaux
    Bonjour de Paris

  11. Oh! Your slow-stitched trees take my breath away. They're an inspiration!

  12. Wonderful! I admire your stitches and the inspiration taken from the 'art of the woodpeckers'. We have a pair (perhaps more than one, hard to tell) of little downy's that visit our suet on the balcony and they always announce their presence. Sometimes they just sit on the suet block and appear to be sound asleep.

  13. I never realized how large a hole the woodpeckers can make! I really like the closeup of the holes in your tree...are there other creatures living in them yet? In yours or the ones out your window?

  14. I am writing this late. I have already seen the hills of red dots behind the trees, and the couching of the stone earth. I know what will happen - but Penny. I just want to say hi and that I love you. I love the way you notice things around you. You look out your studio windo and mark time that way. It's really beautiful, and we are so lucky to have your work as a document of your inner vision of the beautiful precious world around us. xoxo

  15. Love love love your trees & can't wait to see more of them. xx


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