Friday, 14 September 2018

And Now a Farewell to Rusty Pup Kayla

Our beautiful Rusty Pup Kayla
passed away surrounded by love on Thursday afternoon at 5:30.
On Wednesday we received the devastating news that her kidneys
had shut down and she only had days to live.
She has left us just four days after her sister, Shandy.
We are devastated.

Born on Halloween
we picked up our babies on Christmas Eve eleven years ago.
They were inseparable from the start.

 They were both water babies....

....especially Kayla.

Kayla was always under foot checking out what I was up to.
I soon learnt to shut the studio door to avoid chewed up threads.

There once was a ball of pearl cotton that disappeared for a whole winter.
The next spring I stumbled upon it way back in the woods
stretched like a spiders web around trees and shrubs.
An aspiring weaver perhaps.

 Kayla was a gentle and patient soul.

Like her sister, Kayla was delighted when the beaver moved into our pond.

One morning on the dyke she met a whole family of beavers
and watched them intently.

Always interested in everything.

Being taunted by the local squirrel population.

Kayla loved scratching her back
and getting belly rubs from us humans.
We did that a lot on Thursday afternoon.

Doggy toys used to last about five minutes when Kayla got involved.

 She was such a beautiful princess.

Kayla always looked out for her sister.
They were never far apart.

We all belonged together
and walked this beautiful valley for eleven years.

Oh, my precious pups
you brought us so much joy and love.
Our hearts are broken.
You will be so missed.
God bless.


  1. (((Penny))) no words just big hugs

  2. To love so deeply. To be Loved so deeply
    A great gift of a life time

  3. Oh no.such lovely photos of them both. Big hugs.xx

  4. I am a regular reader of your blog and an admirer of your beautiful work. So, of course, I have come to love the Rusty Pups too. My heart goes out to you in your great loss. Grace (above) says it best. "To love so deeply. To be loved so deeply..."

  5. Oh Penny - tears are rolling. I simply cannot imagine how you must feel. The Rusty Pups brought me so much joy, even though they weren't mine and I always loved seeing their beautiful faces each time you posted about them. I will miss them.

  6. I am so sorry for your losses - I know how much it hurts to lose a beloved pet. They were beautiful and I'm sure they had a very happy life with you.

  7. Oh how devastating to lose them both so close together. My heart goes out to you. Sending peace and comfort your way.

  8. So sad for you Penny - hugs. xx

  9. Devastated for you both. I know how much that hurts. Take care of yourselves. Seek comfort in small things.

  10. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful doggies.
    Both gone in such quick succession. You must be devastated.
    Hope the beautiful memories make the pain of their loss more bearable.

  11. Well, at least you know she won't be missing her sister. But you will be missing them both. My heart goes out to you all.

  12. Oh dear! They were so close, that they just couldn't bear to be apart. Hugs and I'm so sorry for your loss.

  13. Reflect in the joy and love they brought to your home. They will always be in your hearts...beautiful, beautiful souls.

  14. I loved hearing about the "rusty pups" as you walked and thought and stitched. They will remain in so many people's memories. Your brought them into our lives, and so many of us are grateful that you did.

  15. Oh, Penny, I'm so sorry Kayla's gone now, too. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some broken heart going on there, with her sister's passing. Sending much love and blessings to you. xx

  16. Oooooh Penny....the rusty pups and my black girls , how nice it was to write each other about them! You will miss them so much.....thingking of you and Mark..a lot! So so sorry

  17. Twice grieving, oh, Penny, I'm so very sorry.

  18. Oh wow, it just be really difficult to mourn the loss of two dogs at the same time. I am so sorry.

  19. Oh, Penny! I am devastated on your behalf! I cannot imagine what you're going through but , having lost many pets myself, I DO know the pain. I hope that your wonderful memories will sustain and comfort you and HH at such a sad time. Thinking of you with love. God bless,

  20. Oh how very sad. how brokenhearted you all must be! You will find the whole of your house and life so empty.
    I am glad you have such good memories and perhaps you will in time find a way to remember them in stitch.
    a very big hug to you from across the pond. Sandy

  21. Penny, my heart breaks for you as I read about your baby girls. It is a crushing blow. The only positive here, for now, is that they are together in Heaven, playing like pups - no more health issues. That is what gets me through missing our goldens, Amy and Katie, who died months apart in 2016. Please know I send my love and peace for you and your family. You were a gift to them as they were a gift to you.

  22. I can't believe the heartache you are feeling! I felt so bad at your last lost but now...they are together aren't they. Do so hope you get replacements soon. There's always room in our hearts to give more love.

  23. So sorry to find this post...

  24. So sad ....sorry for your loss. At least the pups are together.

  25. What can I day in comfort at this sad time? Nothing except that I can’t believe how they seemed to be lost without each other. I’m sorry for your loss.

  26. There are no words. Only can send love to your home.
    Such a hole in your family. Take good care.

  27. So sorry for the loss of the Rusty Pups. I got to know them through the years, I enjoyed seeing their pictures.

  28. What a devastating double loss. And how fitting that they went together. Please give the love they left behind to other pups, they are somewhere waiting to be loved by you and love you back.

  29. My heart goes out to you Penny. Such wonderful companions and beautiful dogs! Their void will be huge for quite a while.

  30. Je suis tellement désolée pour vous. Je suis française près de Paris et je vous lis depuis un bon moment et j'adorais les histoires de vos deux adorables chiens. Je pense beaucoup à vous dans ces moments très tristes. Il faut laisser le temps apaiser la peine et se souvenir des merveilleux moments avec ces deux compagnons. Amicalement

  31. Oh my Penny - the loss is overwhelming and the sadness is deep, but do know how much that eleven years meant to these gentle creatures who were an integral part of your family - your walks and swims and time around the fire - the play at waters edge and in the snow. The quiet restful sleep that kept them close... all a part of memories now. But the beauty and the joy in your hearts - all four, will last forever! Love, bethany

  32. I'm here to join the others in wishing you and yours a gentle grief. Your photos bring smiles and tears of such good companions. mary ann

  33. Penny...I have stayed away. Was too saddened by this...for you all.

  34. So sorry for your lost! Prayers for you and your beautiful and loved Rusty Pups, now in peace together.

  35. So very very sorry for your loss Penny. Gutted! They have been such wonderful companions to read about & enjoy on your blog. There are no words , but I do send a stream of telepathic hugs as you wade through this heaviness.


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