Monday, 9 April 2018

In the Absence of Thread

 My thread order has arrived
Must say,  it's been fascinating watching it's progress
through the postal system
as it came northwards from Louisiana.

As I waited I worked on new beginnings.
Stitching together new pathways from scraps left over from
last year's stones.
Surprisingly the brown family of scraps seem to belong
with a few precious pieces of silk that I have been saving
for just the right opportunity.

And the greys seem to go perfectly with a couple of linens.

 One of last year's stones was cut out of a favourite grey silk.
I remember at the time being shocked that I would do such a thing.
Recently I came across the silk amidst the stone scraps
and was shocked once again to see a great big round hole in it!
So decided now is the time to honour it in it's entirety.
 I have been thinking a lot about darning and mending recently.
My initial thought was to just darn the hole
but then....

....I spied a square of ruching that has been looking for just the right home.
It fit perfectly over my stoney hole
and I like it.

Three new pieces to in their infancy.

But for now back to stitching Stone Pathway backgrounds.


  1. How generous of you to show these new designs. How exciting they are! Looking forward to their progression my dear friend. xo

  2. You are having fun, exploring textures and their interactions, aren't you!

  3. There is always a story to go with the 'hole in the middle'. When my mom would tell me NOT to cut out of the middle of the fabric, the prints weren't as fun, or random, as they are now. Not to mention the area outside that 'hole in the middle'! You are proving those are ideal for making other pathways! [and yes they all do look happy with the larger fabrics! the browns look like they are under roots]

    The lines of the silk and the ruching lining up.... they were meant for each other!

  4. What kind of thread are you using in your spectacular work?

  5. It is always interesting to stop while in the throws of one thing, to make a start on related work. Then go back to the first and while you are doing the part which needs no thought, your mind works on where those new ones might go.
    Glad you have your threads now.

  6. Have just had a delicious update of your past few blog posts! What an inspiration you continue to be! Such beautiful work...even scraps become treasures in your hands. Thank you so much for sharing your creative endeavours. xxxx

  7. Here is proof that even holes serve a purpose! So glad your thread finally arrived (I'm sure you were compulsively checking the tracking).

  8. Your ruched piece is gorgeous and is just perfect on the grey silk.
    I'm always inspired by your choices and planning, thanks for sharing.
    And I'm excited to see what you're going to do with the new thread.


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