Monday 12 March 2018

Tiptoeing Around Some Old Favourites

Three done
Nine more to go

I am enjoying rediscovering old favourites
as I stitch around them.

Love this colouring in between the lines
Need to explore this style further I think.

Silk allows tiny stitches
and takes the natural dye so deliciously.

Last year with the birth of our second granddaughter
pink started appearing in my work with more regularity.
But, I am having problems with my eyes
and Handy Hubby assures me this one is actually peach!

Perhaps I had better start working in black and white!

This one makes me smile.
I imagine it as creature of some sort
wearing a sweatband.
Brings back the sixties in a flash!

Now I need to rush out and find some more
embroidery floss.
Each 'pathway' takes a bit more than two skeins!

I hope you can stitch to your hearts content today.


  1. Lovely to see how you are setting them off. They make me smile, too. :-)

  2. Yes, the advantage of assembling all these pieces at the end is the encounters with old flames!

    I'm doing a lot of unspectacular constructional stitching at the moment. Thinking about a lot of things, though...

  3. You have inspired me to create some images of the stones in my vast collection (hundreds). I have woven over them, done knotting and crochet, never tried quilted or embroidered images. Your work is lovely!

  4. how heavy those rolls of cloth must be, full of stones as they are.

  5. Its lovely to see your stones again Penny, your patchway stitches show them off beautifully. xx

  6. I love the look of the rolls!

  7. I just want to unroll those 3 rolls and study every rock!

  8. Boy, you're on a roll! What ever colors you choose...just keep working! Love it!

  9. juxtaposition. soft rolls. of Rocks. Looking good though.'s in rocks too. Wonder what a petrified peach pit looks like? A rock...or a Stone....

  10. So enjoyed the stroll with you. Maybe soon, we can tip toe through the tulips as well. Blessings.

  11. Good thing floss is cheap! I am so glad that you're finishing the pathways this way - you've found a perfect blend of techniques that are obviously meant to be.

  12. So glad to have found this lovely blog by a kindred souls - thanks Penny!

  13. lovely work, nothing like a beautiful pebble to guide your gentle stitching.


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