Monday 12 February 2018

The Criss Cross Show Has To Go Up This Week


One of the jobs Handy Hubby and I will be undertaking this week

is hanging all 53 of the Criss Cross pieces

in the Mym Gallery at 
the Annapolis Royal Community Art Centre.

I know exactly how it will go.
I will just want them all up on the wall.

On the other hand
my practical, engineering Handy Hubby
will measure and calculate
nail things to walls
and make sure everything is level. 

...that reminds me....
I have to write a statement about the show
and the process 
of creating a small piece every week for a year.
Each piece had to include a cruciform.
Some of which ended up as focal points and others barely visible.

Wish us luck!
Of course it will get done in time
for the opening on Sunday, February 18 from 1-4 pm.


  1. Wishing you all the luck you need and looking forward to seeing the final result ... what a joy that will be!

  2. I really like these little crosses, especially the one with the red stitching on the black dots. 53 Criss Cross pieces! Hope you will share the display. :)

  3. This show will be so beautiful...looking forward to more photos.

  4. Between the two of you, I'm sure it will be up and looking great.

  5. Embrace the level, it looks better in the end. Have fun while you work together.

  6. I love every piece! The colors, the texture. The cruciform is such a rich composition to work with—if I was to look at it in Biblical terms, it can bring salvation to our work! But the cross applies in many other ways, of course. I find the idea of crossroads especially meaningful.

  7. I love, love these crosses. Each one a story and inspiration within itself. I will be with you in spirit.

  8. I am sure it will be stunning - only wish I could be there. xx

  9. Hi Penny, All the best for this week.
    It will be my turn for hanging small work in March. The situation doesn't work for pins or nails, so I am considering attaching to a dress or petticoat netting which will hide into the wall. There isn't a lot of space either, so I think that will help me get more of them up, than trying to hang from a quilt rail.

  10. If wishful thinking could get me to the show I'd be there in a heartbeat! You and I both seem to have managed to find men that are perfectionist when it comes to hanging things. Mine has a fit if a picture on the wall is out of alighment by mere fractions of an inch. Me, I'd never notice.

  11. I wish I could visit! Buona fortuna

  12. Yes, congratulations. Your work is beautiful.
    And lots of fun to have your husband involved and helping.
    What kind of backing did you give them?


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