Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Been Brewing Up Colour

 Rudbeckia picked as they started to fade.

Greens came out the pot.

 Jewelweed was running rampant in the undergrowth
so some got picked.

See how different the colours are on cotton (on the right) and silk.

Leaves off the apple tree gave deeper colours in the first brew
but as I used the pot of dye a second time the colour came out paler.

All onion skins get saved in this house.
I do get faint complaints because our small freezer has more
dye stuff in it than actual food!

 The vivid results surprised me.
My dyeing at the moment is an attempt to get solid colour
no leafy prints.


  1. wow Penny. These are beautiful. I'm after solid colours as well with my plant dyeing - have not done any this year though, so I love to see yours. x

  2. Oh this is so lovely. Your fabrics are gorgeous. Is that velvet? Very inspiring. I have a bush full of elderberries. It makes me want to try a dye with them. I've never done anything like that before. Wishing you joy for the rest of your week.


  3. So beautiful!! I especially love the shade from the onion skins.

  4. So beautiful!! I especially love the shade from the onion skins.

  5. There are some lovely colours there. One day perhaps I will take the plunge and do some dyeing.

  6. Love all of the neutrals! The onion gave such a rich, golden hue. What mordant did you use, if I may ask?

  7. Beautiful results - I love the onion skins pieces. xx

  8. Lovely soft shades, and yes, solid colours, too!


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