Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Exploring Brier Island

Diane and I decided to take a trip down to Brier Island
As it happens we picked the very first warm
windless day. 
We drove down the Digby Neck
and caught the Petit Passage ferry to Long Island.

We drove the length of Long Island 
and caught a second ferry to Westport
the small village on Brier Island.

First we went to Peter Island Whitehouse

The water was mirror-like
except where it turned the corner on this little headland.
The currents in these narrow passages between the islands can be
treacherous but we watched cormorants
ride them with gay abandon.

Seagulls were everywhere
on rocks and seaweed
on cliffs

and even on stunted trees.

If the rocks weren't covered in seagulls
they were alive with cormorants.

Basalt rocks
always so geometric
jutted through seaweed.

 Seaweed also clung to the rocky edges
beneath the water's surface.

Ida ducklings were escorted
around the rocks by caring adults.

And the rocks
oh, so much inspiration

for future stitchings.


  1. Rocks provide so many ideas, from geometry with the basalt to microcrystalline structures...

  2. I was thinking inspiration for stitching as I looked through the pictures and then discovered you had the same idea. Great minds?


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