Monday 30 May 2016

Of Stitchings and Log Piles

If it is Monday
it must be time for another crumb from the cutting room floor.
Couched circles and a darned cross.

This year's twenty second Week I believe.

The Pileated Woodpecker
thought he might find a breakfast of grubs on the wood pile

He pecked away on top of the pile
but unbeknownst to him
he was pounding on the roof of a family of squirrels
 who live within the wood pile.

All he succeeded in doing was bringing the two babies
up to find out what all the racket was about.


  1. Poor squirrels! What a way to be woken up!

    That's a lovely slubbed boucle you have there...

  2. I like your stitches and textures.
    Great woodpecker photos too!

  3. oh my, what serendipity, Penny ... you are not going to believe the similarity of this to one of my weekly May bead sketches. I won't be posting them for quite a few days yet (am running dreadfully behind due to spring) but you'll recognize the one when you see it - has a couched circle in the center & one of the rectangles of cloth has a thick frayed edge. Maybe if we are not 'great minds thinking alike' at least we might be creative minds on a similar universal wave length???! Anyhow, is lovely and I'm enjoying your weekly posts immensely!

  4. Another lovely crumb - so inspirational. I love your woodpecker, what a beautiful colour. xx

  5. 22 huh? favorite number in our family. i would be here all day telling you the strings that tie that number to us. and now we will have 2 more, a birthday just yesterday and a wedding on saturday.

    did i mention the dots in your tan fabric resemble the dots in my green bits of the landscape i am working on of your photograph??

    yes this week will do....

  6. Another great crumb, but I have to say I'm blown away by the amazing woodpecker photos! Lucky you to be able to grab them.

  7. such a lovely crumb! isn't it wonderful to be able to make something from what many might consider nothing?

  8. Even thou I am late catching up on your posts...I just had to say, how amazing that woodpecker is! Being from Australia I have never seen a close up photo of one, he must have given the squirrels a shock. Beautiful work as always.


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