Monday, 28 March 2016

And all of a Sudden There are Twelve

Twelve Crumbs from the Cutting Room Floor
Time marches on relentlessly.

Week eleven was a red letter week
because the black ducks arrived back at the pond.
When they appeared I regretted having stopped
stitching the Daily Scratchings!
But why not record this Springtime event?
So can you see him?

He's hiding there in the black.
They must be in shock
It's been snowing and freezing since their arrival.

Perhaps the red sky is a morning sky
warning us of the snows that followed.

For week twelve I decided on a multitude of cross shapes
with no embroidery at all at all

Perhaps later on in the year
another multitude of crosses might appear
covered in embroidery.

And Finally Thank you Judy
for your lovely post about the Daily Scratchings.


  1. Love the duck, hiding in plain sight!

  2. Its great to see them all together -- they make quite a stitchery statement! Love the duck!

  3. I notice that there seems to be a cross theme throughout most of the Crumbs...perhaps intentional, perhaps not, but interesting nonetheless. Re saying that you regretted not doing the daily scratchings when the ducks appears - it seems to me that you can still include such things in the Crumbs.

  4. It is amazing how beautifully time can be marked in cloth ... love the duck!

  5. wonderful work & wish I could find a matter transfer unit to see your upcoming show with Judy Martin!

  6. Love the duck. Your stitching is always such an inspiration.

  7. A beautiful collection Penny. Have you any plans to display them together? The last two speak in different ways and although I love the colour of eleven it is the starkness of twelve that means more. xx

  8. Hi Penny...what type of fabric do you usually use for the daily scratchings and crumbs? How beautiful and inspiring your work is! Love your doggies...we have two goldens as well - they are 16.

  9. 12 weeks already? Wow. Somehow I can't wrap my mind around that, yet when I saw your daily scratching, a week at a time, I had no problem. Be interesting to see these with those...sorry, just mulling it all over.

    The duck. He is wonderful. I too like the simpleness of the last one.

  10. Wonderful!And dont they look so good all together!

    1. Thanks fir dropping by, Joy. Just been do take some amazing trips!


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