Friday 5 February 2016

It is Amazing How Nature Can Rebound After a heavy Choking Snow

Alders along the stream
arched over beneath the weight of last week's storm.

Boughs and whole trees bent under the weight.

So beautiful in the harshness of
winter storms that do what they will.

Two young silver birches completely bent over.

From the other side we examined their silvery trunks
to check that they had not broken under the weight.

Two days later in the misty rains of a thaw
they had sprung back into life
and hopefully they were not harmed too badly.


  1. It's amazing what a tree can recover from, isn't it!

  2. Beautiful photos, glad they hadn't broken.

  3. winter does weed out the weak and strong, what a storm!

  4. Such beautiful photographs; I feel an icy chill just looking.


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