Tuesday 25 August 2015

Woodland Graffitti

We live surrounded by Acadian Woodland

Where trees somehow manage to grow
out of rock-filled soil

Where the summertime foliage
hides not only trees
but camouflages
deer who could be just paces away from you.

and where streams abound.


  1. A good use of a variegated thread, there - lovely!

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  3. Wonderful scratchings! :-)

  4. Gosh thats just beautiful Penny. I just posted some camouflage deer of my own (fawns) on the blog if you'd like to take a look... Cutie pies... Hugs! deb

  5. Absolutely LOVE this graffiti work penny - reminds me of the amazing journal pages you shared with us at FIBREWORKS last year. Hoping you are enjoying summer and have more time for the baby soon!

  6. Absolutely love these pieces Penny. Worthy of the word 'awesome'. I just want to keep looking at them!

  7. I suspect these stitchings must have been so meditative. I like this!

  8. Love these graffiti pieces you are doing, the colours stitching the lot.

  9. you're so right, and your place is similar to mine in many ways. i remember walking through THICK alders and dogwood and looking up a few feet from my face was the face of a lovely doe. she looked long at me and ambled off. living in part of the great north woods is a source of joy for me. the trees, especially the red maples, are beginning the turn. a bit late this year.


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