Monday, 13 July 2015

A Hodgepodge of a Week

Feels messy and
strange colourwise now that I have photographed it!

Summer has arrived
and though the sun shines every day....

....our early morning walks
involve walking through cool sweeps of fog.

Beyond the cool air of fog banks
are strings of texture.

The ecru stitches on the left are created with the Oriental Stitch
and the ones on the right are the Vandyke Stitch
Just in case you are interested!

One day a whole bunch of us got together in Chester
to talk about our work....
....always so inspiring.
Let's hope I make less of a hodgepodge with next week's


  1. lovely stitching, some weeks are messy

  2. I think it makes a sense of its own. Love the fogbank!

  3. Definitely not seen as a hodgepodge from this end - stunning stitch as always. Love the story and that you get together with friends for mentoring and critique. Miss you...

  4. I for on LOVE your hodgepodge!! Also love the summery colors. Its really quite perfect.

  5. It might look like a hodgepodge to you .... but I LOVE those dogs in the scrim-fog ;-)

  6. THANKS for your blog; you are inspiring me to look carefully at my surroundings and to pick up needle and thread, more often, if not daily.


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