Monday 12 May 2014

Brightly Scratched

Brightly wishing for Spring!

Attended an art critique session
a blank canvas
surrounded by stitch just seemed to make sense.

Handy Hubby flew back home.

Way off in the distance I spied my first heron of the year.

Back in the studio I'm stitching black
and listening to those noisy merlin
who seem to be settling into the very same tree as last year.

Happy belated Mother's Day.


  1. A spell for Spring - I do hope it works!

  2. Happy spring to you! It's seems to have settled in here too.....shhhh, don't scare it away!

  3. Penny, I have really been enjoying your photos in your posts of late! They certainly capture the beauty of your area with such an ethereal quality. Belated Mother’s Day greetings to you, as well!

  4. all the a scattering of candies...i have been trying to see a bird cam of heron's, but the birds never seem to be there. for such a tall bird, i am curious about their nesting antics.

  5. Hi Penny,
    I have just caught up with your latest posts and want to tell you how beautiful and serene your latest photographs of your local landscape are. Love them !

  6. Brightly scratched...beautiful invitation for spring to come calling! I am a fan of the herons and keeping an eye out to see how long they will stay with us here in the Ozarks.


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