Wednesday 12 February 2014

Recalling Brett's Early Years

A boy's sense of humour
He remembered this project
We laughed and laughed
Tears running down my face

It's hard work finding that inner child again.

So this is what a bat should look like.

Obviously a sweater that made an impression.


A scene that's part of every Canadian child's life.

Happiness is.....

Teacher's comment was always that it could be neater.
She didn't actually say colour inside the lines!
I hope you have kept your child's schoolbooks.
These brought back memories for Brett
We laughed and laughed and laughed.


  1. Schoolbooks, no - early embroidery, yes!

  2. I have kept many early art work pieces. I have also framed several, and have others 'waiting' to be framed somehow. One daughter hates that I saved, and framed, one of her works, she thinks it's awful. I tell her she is looking with the wrong brain side.

    I now have granddaughters art to save!

  3. Sweet memories! And yes I have kept some of our children's drawings.


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